Chef Thomas Lionel Blanchard
Corporate Chef with Dabon International

Chef Thomas Lionel Blanchard is a French Corporate Chef for Dabon International. He is from Southern France, Bayonne, and has an experience of 18 years in his field at many companies all over the globe. He started his career in a company named Mandion, and was trained by Mr Mandion himself, ex-apprentice and chef in Lenotre company in Paris. There Chef Thomas learnt bakery, pastry and confectionery, chocolate, ice-cream and catering.

After a few years he joined Lenotre Company, and got training directly under Mr Gaston Lenotre.

Leaving Paris for his hometown, Thomas became a Pastry Chef in different companies during 5 years. At first he worked as the head of pastry department and also as the Executive Chef in the main kitchen.

In 2008, Thomas decided to travel and discover the world, he spent time in Sweden, Germany, Spain, UK and in the US, where he learnt new processes and new products. In 2011, he got offered the position of an Executive Chef at “L’Opera”, a famous French bakery in New Delhi, and he decided to come to India. Thomas is well-settled in India since more than 3 years, and now works as a corporate chef with Dabon International.