In the 70s, at an upscale gathering the drinks menu consisted of whiskey served with soda and ice to impress the people with what was considered the finest drink at that time. Fast-forward 40 years and people are still sipping on whiskey out of a very wide variety of drinks to try. Is it the lack of knowledge or a simple fear of the unknown?

The Sipping Turf gives the audience a chance to discover the art of mixing, serving and devouring drinks. From the classic and fine drinks to the most adventurous cocktails and mocktails – our tasting sessions will broaden your horizons of liqueur, wine and other spirits. Our goal is to have people of all ages try new products and pick up a few tips on correct glass selection, mixed drink-recipes and serving techniques. Join us to watch the top mixologists and sommeliers talk about the finest international and Indian drinks. Come refresh your palette and explore the world of top bottles at The Sipping Turf.


2015 Lineup

Yangdup Lama

Manmohan Singh

 Rory Bluett