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Pragati Sawhney left her healthcare career, friends, half family in USA to explore her Indian roots in India. She is a dentist, with a Masters of Public Health from Columbia University New York and lived all her life abroad. At a chance chocolate making class in Delhi, she was disturbed to find that homemade “chocolate” spread all over India was not made with real cacao or cacao butter but cocoa compound and vegetable oil with unhealthy artificial flavor syrups, white sugar, and sweeteners instead of real cacao and cacao butter. Besides no public awareness, there was no nutritional labeling or regulations to control the growing trend damaging to public health. Dr Pragati decided left all to research and work full time over coming barriers to launch called Chockriti Chocolates, India premier natural artisan chocolates in 2011. The products sold internationally, are made with 100 percent real cacao from Europe and fresh brews of organic raw teas, flowers, spices and herbs with both US FDA and FSSAI safe nutritional labeling. She has received much recognition and this October won the “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2015” nationally hosted by TieCon and Power2Sme