Manish Yadav

Comfort zone is the place where nothing grows. There comes a point in life when you realise that you have a gift and the sole purpose of your existence is to make this world a better place through that gift. Some people can catch sounds nobody else can hear; some see things that are hidden to others. Manish understands food the way most people don’t, and that is what drives him. His sole mission is to help people eat better and live healthier.

Manish worked as a management consultant and recruitment professional for seven years before starting out on his own. Inspired by the story of Sukiyabashi Jiro, who has dedicated his whole life to cooking for others made him wonder if the corporate career was the right path to pursue. Cooking provided him with satisfaction that none of the corporate jobs ever could. Manish believes that food is his calling, and he is glad to have the opportunity to share it with others, making their lives healthier and happier.

Fig is a fresh approach to eating healthy. Their philosophy is to celebrate food in its purest form; just the way nature intended it. Manish has culminated his own affair with food with the experiences of foodies, culinary experts and nutritionists. Meet him at the Gourmet High Street and wish him luck for his new journey.