Manav Chadha

Co-Founder , Organica

Manav Chadha and his brother were born into a family business of cars and car parts, running since the 1960’s. What more could they have asked for?! Boys love cars! So their work was their love. But, over time, another thing had begun to pique their interest. As they were growing up, they noticed a change in the taste of foods they liked … in the fruits we were biting into, and in vegetables that tickled their palates as well as minds.

Back in the days, everything was so pure and it tasted pure. One would get an aromatic whiff every time you’d cut open an apple or an orange, and that was because no pesticides or artificial ingredients were added to them. But not anymore! Now every food is laced with harmful, carcinogenic chemicals. Now, one looks at every morsel of food with skepticism. And so, they conscientiously ventured into the world of freshness and purity of organic farmlands, to relish healthy food grown without the assistance of man-made chemicals.

And once Manav started exploring and experiencing these organic farms, they came to realize how they have been killing themselves slowly from within with un-natural foods and supplements.

With Organica, Manav wishes to awaken everyone to the life-saving benefits of Organic products. Hitherto, it is his sincere pleasure to introduce you into a pesticide-free lifestyle, to going organic with ORGANICA.

Care for you loved ones … care to go Organic… with ORGANICA.