It came as no surprise to her family and friends when she graduated from eating desserts on a regular basis to making them. Not fully satiated walking the narrowing aisles between cubicles at American Express, she was on the lookout for something different and creative, perhaps involving a bit more sugar!

Soon Business Analysis gave way to baking and her passion became her calling in the form of Marmalade Bakes, a humble attempt to tip toe into the fascinating world or baking.  Churning out luscious cheesecakes and decadent mousse cakes has become an integral part of her routine for this self taught home baker based in Gurgaon. Her signature Bailey’s Chocolate Cheesecake has received superlative reviews from friends and clients alike, followed closely by the Christmas Rum ‘n’ Fruit Cake, which would be an apt buy this holiday season at The Gourmet High Street. 

We welcome you to visit Marmalade Bakes and feast on scrumptious holiday desserts,  cupcakes, macarons and more!