Arun Rathi & Puneet Anand

A true mariner at heart  Puneet still believes that there is nothing more enticing and enchanting than the life at sea. Having travelled the globe and lived a life that revolved around the vast hull amidst the deep blue sea,  back then the idea of being involved in the food business seemed like a pipe dream. But there was always something about food that appealed to him, be it tasting the exotic cuisines he came across while travelling or missing home made food when out at sea. He was certain that someday he would take a small step into the food industry.

Every time he was back after months of sailing, the one thing that always nudged him was the lack of clean and delicious food at affordable prices. Having eaten a lot of good street food all over the globe, he soon realized that a good meal in India still comes at a premium and usually means a drive to an expensive restaurant. And this was what he wanted to change!

This dream of his finally snowballed into reality when he brainstormed with his old friend and colleague Arun who shared the same views and was driven by similar passions.

Arun who comes from the same professional background as Puneet with gifted operational & designing skills, joined hands to put together this company they unanimously christened the ONE AZIMUTH ( A nautical term meaning “one direction”).

Arun being a globe trotter as well , wanted to fuse in the unmatched Malaysian hospitality , the suave Italian service and the royal Rajasthani spirit in this dream venture of theirs.

Their dream of putting forth the concept of fresh, appetizing and quick food along with complete value for money comes true with ONE AZIMUTH. The idea is simple food with delectable flavours that make you revisit again and again by ensuring high quality and efficient cooking standards.