Chef Gaggan Anand
Owner & Executive Chef, Gaggan

Chef Gaggan Anand was born in Kolkata, India to Punjabi parents. He was initially more interested in music than cooking and performed as a drummer in local rock bands before beginning his culinary career. He attended a catering college in Trivandrum and after receiving a diploma he began working as a trainee with the Taj Group. Anand later left the Taj Group to pursue a career in Bangkok, where he began working at Red, restaurant that specialized in contemporary Indian cuisine.From there he served as the first chef of Indian descent to intern with Ferran Adrià’s research team at el Bulli and also began working at various restaurants in Bangkok, a process that Anand stated was frustrating because the businesses “just didn’t want anything different”.This frustration led him to propose to some friends that he open his own restaurant, Gaggan.

Anand opened Gaggan in December 2010. Since then the restaurant has repeatedly placed on the Restaurant S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurantslist. In 2014 it ranked 17th in the global rankings and in 2015 it was ranked as the magazine’s best restaurant in Asia and 10th in the world.Gaggan serves progressive Indian haute cuisine.