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Ashima & Rajat Duggal

When you read somewhere Eat, Drink & Be Merry you wonder what can this mean? A Holiday, Something Delicious to eat or just a Tag Line? For Us it was Travel because that’s exactly what one did when anyone Travelled with us. These days everyone is Stressed a fact that we all know. Just read it the other way & it reads Desserts. What do you do when you are Stressed? You look for Comfort & for us Comfort=Chocolates! Now that surely puts a Big Smile on your face Doesn’t It? Keeping that Happiness Quotient in mind making sure that we are there to make everyone around us Happy “We Left It All For Food” & Divinum Chocolat was Created. Why? It’s Simple- When you bite into any Chocolate of Divinum Chocolat you can be sure of one thing that we will give you that Comfort & Happiness that you are looking for as Divinum Chocolat means Divine Chocolates. So now you know next time you need something to make you feel Happy Again we are out there to give you something Comforting & Delicious to bite into be it Chocolates or Delicious Cookies.