There was no doubt that Anurag Mishra, an alumnus of IIT Delhi and IIM Calcutta, had a life many would envy. In his twenties, he was already scaled rising heights in his professional career, working with global strategy giants like Boston Consulting Group and Monitor Deloitte.  

But Anurag had always nursed the ambition of turning entrepreneur while also contributing to society in a meaningful way. Born to a family of doctor parents, he was aware of the importance of health. Which is how he found his calling with MyGreens – a cold pressed juice brand, a wellbeing initiative that has the capacity to bring defining change in people’s lives. MyGreens, founded by Anurag and his lifelong friend Rohan, is based on the philosophy of providing health enthusiasts the right balance of nutrients needed to live a better life. 

Making health his priority, Anurag wants to disseminate information about health as the single most important ingredient of one’s life. MyGreens has been created by world-class nutritionists, among others, which is why Anurag has chosen to pursue a course in nutrition too. According to him, “If you want to do something, do it in the best possible way, or don’t do it.” 

Anurag lives in New Delhi. He is a keen photographer and avid traveller, and keeps fit through regular gymming and long morning walks.