Chef Aditya Bal
TV Host and Celebrity Chef

Chef Aditya Bal’s culinary journey has been anything but usual. He started cooking no more than 6 odd years ago, though his interest in good food and cooking has been around since childhood. He grew up in a home where there was always something amazing being cooked by his mom or grandma.

He likes to keep flavors simple and clean with a slight leaning towards more rustic presentation. Being largely self taught, he had to develop his own approach towards the art of cookery, and continue to try and learn as much as he can from his experiments and experiences. He cooks food from across the globe and is a believer in keeping things fairly classic in terms of technique and flavor profiles. He also likes to use local produce as much as possible but loves experimenting with diverse produce from all over the globe.

Chef Bal has been the TV host of Chak Le India, Chak Le India Kaccha Rasta, Chak le India Academy, Game Night Bites, Lean is In, Olive it Up, Bachelor’s Kitchen, Check out China, Ride Thailand and also has an upcoming show on Epic Channel. He is also the author of The Chak Le India Cookbook 2012. He has further worked at a number of restaurants and has recently launched his catering service known as Spacecraft Gourmet.